3 .Setup Dropbox SDK in the project

Over here you will find out how to setup the project to configure the Dropbox SDK

Create your account

Before using the Dropbox SDK, you should create an account on the Dropbox website.
Register your application
Before using the SDK, you should register your application in the Dropbox App Console. This creates a record of your app with Dropbox that will be associated with the API calls you make.
Create your app
Once you created the app, go to app settings and copy the app key into your project.
Application settings
Navigate to the project info.plist and set the key as value for URL Scheme Key.
Setting value in plist file
Navigate to the project Network Group and open the DropboxManager.swift file(class), and set the apiKey as your app key from the app console.
Setup your app key into the project
Now you are able to run the project, for more details access the official documentation, or contact at the address.